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Horoscopes for 22 August 2017

Having given someone an inch, you could feel they're now taking a mile. You accept they have valid points, observations and suggestions to offer but you would also be more receptive to each if they didn't come across as criticism. This awkward scenario looks set to escalate unless you make clear how your interaction on this level is hampering progress you and this individual want to see happen. If you need space to do something your way, ask for it.
Where one relationship in your world is concerned, you could do with a few more answers than you have available to your currently. Rather than second-guess the reality of your interaction or involvement with a certain person, you want facts and might also believe you won't be entirely thrilled with what you're told. In truth, you can get to the other side of a serious discussion unscathed. However, be prepared to readjust expectations of where things go from here.
You have your idea about how something should be done or where a certain arrangement goes from here, and it appears someone else has a very different idea or vision. The root of any issue or dispute seems to be connected with each of you drawing upon personal experience in some way. You're both looking at what you've achieved historically where a certain plan is concerned. Future success relies on the two of you agreeing to look forward, not backward.
A money making idea or way to boost your finances could have been simmering in the background for some time, but you could identify a way in which a vision can become a reality. Whether this involves a particular talent or skill that has been dormant or underused or a way in which you could put a unique spin on an old idea, your bank balance – and self-esteem – can receive a very welcome and timely boost, now or shortly.
There's never any harm in setting ourselves high expectations in some way, but if we're putting ourselves in a state of denial by doing so, then we're doing ourselves no favors. You appear to have a valid reason to feel optimistic and focus your passion toward the achievement of a specific goal. However, removing rose-tinted glasses puts you back in touch with reality, and reminds you of what needs putting in place properly now to realize your vision of the future.
There's truth in the saying that we take out frustrations on those closest to us and you might need to summon considerable patience and restraint where someone in your world is concerned. You can connect with their reason for feeling upset or frustrated but could have concerns or reservations about how they choose to convey this – especially your direction. Demonstrating a willingness to listen and adopting an open mind sends out the right signals to diffuse tension.
We're known by the company we keep, but there are always delightful benefits to knowing the company we keep truly knows us, too. Associating with certain others could prove a real tonic now and help to banish blues that might be seeping into your world from other areas. Your company is being sought-after, and you can benefit enormously from accepting invitations to interact and mingle with those who want to enjoy your company when you're on top form.
You might have reservations or concerns about speaking your mind to certain others or one person in particular but could also feel pressured increasingly to do so. This doesn't mean a tense or confrontational outburst needs to form any part of the equation. You're able to convey yourself with such frankness that you cannot fail to encourage others to agree with you. Say it as you see it. It's what others are probably waiting to hear.
As much as you might want to connect with and enjoy freedom on offer in some way, your bubble of reverie could burst by the need to return to Earth and deal with a certain, ongoing issue that needs your attention to be resolved. It has no intention of remaining under the carpet it has been swept beneath. Rather than resent what's distracting you from fun, games or adventure, seize this chance to put this issue to rest, once and for all. Playtime can then resume.
Opportunities knock, but they don't always knock loudly. When we have so much else going on in our lives, we don't hear the rap at the door, and it's only when a period of time has passed that we discover we let an opportunity move on. But, fortunately, some opportunities, perhaps through believing they're tailor-made for us don't give up so easily. An opportunity you might believe slipped through your fingers is returning in the hope you'll notice and seize it this time. Will you?
Even if you feel as if brakes are being applied to an area of your world and something is coming to a screeching halt, try to accept this is happening for a very helpful and timely reason. Before you get further down the road with a plan or project, a need exists to take stock of where you're at – and possibly be the recipient of some very helpful advice. Both could cause you to take your vision down a different avenue. Should this happen, then that's something to be grateful for.
We're all creatures of habit, and each of us likes and enjoys routines. We're not usually keen to alter what feels predictable and comfortable but can be amazed at what even a tiny change to routine can bring. We can sometimes start to spot opportunities obscured by self-imposed constraints. Be willing to introduce the change to a certain routine that you're being encouraged by a helpful cosmos to make. It's timely, overdue and can take you to a much more promising place.